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I recently attended a wonderful seminar entitled "How to Become a Money Magnet" which was presented by the success training company John Calub Training, Inc. And for the seminar, no less than the President and CEO Mr. John Calub presented to us the principles on "How to Become a Money Magnet". The seminar was for a whole day and was supposedly very tiring but everyone went home very vibrant and excited to apply what they have learned on "How to Become a Money Magnet" right away.

I'd like to share to you what I have learned. Although I might be spilling John Calub's secrets during the seminar, I believe nothing beats being there and experiencing the high energy that flowed. Of course, I won't be able to share everything since I might miss out some points but I would like to share to you my insights which I believe will help you understand what's in store for you in the seminar. Besides, you might be able to already apply the principles that I will share with you.

Let me break it down to you in four posts since putting everything in this one post might be too long.
  1. Four (4) Characteristics of God's Laws
  2. Ten (10) Laws of Success (most important ones since there are 100+ known universal laws)
  3. The Money Jar System (The Money Magnetment System)
  4. Jump Start Your Way to Success
So here goes...

How to be Successful in Everything
In order for us to be successful in anything that we do (finance, family, health, social life, personal development), it is important for us to do ONLY two (2) things:
  1. Understand the Laws of God
  2. Abide by God's Laws
Surprised?! It's actually something that we already know. Gees! In fact, John Calub mentioned in the seminar that almost all of the things that he will reveal to us that day is already known to us but the sad part is that we don't actually apply these practical knowledge and principles.

In fact, the Bible talks about these two things in achieving success in all areas of our life:
"8 Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful." - Joshua 1:8 (emphasis added)

According to John Calub, God has created the universe to operate under specific laws in which the universe shall operate within. So far, there are about 100+ laws which have been discussed by many great thinkers and master mentors such as Mr. Charles Haanel (The Master Key System), Bob Proctor (Six Minutes to Success), T Harv Ecker (The Millionaire Mind), Tony Robbins (The Giant Within), Jim Rohn and many more.

Four (4) Characteristics of God's Laws
According to John Calub, God's laws have four (4) distinct characteristics which is very important for us to understand. God's laws have the following characteristics:
  1. God's Laws are Universal - This means God's laws apply to all regardless of race, creed and color (and may I add religion or belief). For example, the Law of Gravity (which is, by the way, one of these laws) will apply to everyone whether you believe in Allah, Buddha, Stones, Cows, or Jesus The Christ. As an illustration, if someone jumps from a cliff (don't ask me why she jumped), the Law of Gravity will not stop her fall just because she believes in hypnosis or angels or levitation or if she is a Christian, Muslim or Buddhist. The Law of Gravity will work because God's laws are universal
  2. God's Laws are Specific - This means God's laws are very accurate and calculated. For example, it has been established that 1 year has 365 days, 24 hours in 1 day, 60 minutes in 1 hour and 60 seconds in 1 minute. Women carrying a baby has to carry it for 9 months otherwise the baby will have fatal consequences. Did you also know that the earth revolves around the sun at exactly the right place and that we'd be scorched if we were a little closer to it and we'd be freezing when slightly farther from it? That's how exact God's laws are.
  3. God's Laws are Unchanging - The laws of God will never change. The Law of Gravity is the same today as it is thousands of years ago. I wonder whether this law would apply to Jesus if He agreed to the devil when the latter told Him to jump off the cliff since the angels will be on his aid to rescue Him? I believe that the reason why Jesus did not jump because he knew the laws were universal and it applied to all including Himself. He replied by saying "... Do not test God." But I also believe that He could have jumped off the cliff and the angels would save Him because it was also written in the Bible that the angels will protect Him and not even His feet will touch the ground from a fall. To give another example, the gestation of a pregnant women has not changed since the beginning of time. Ever since, it has always been 9 months of gestation for a mother to bear her child.
  4. God's Laws are Everlasting - God's laws will stand the test of time. Aside from it being unchanging, God's laws will never be destroyed. It will always be there even if people will invent technologies to reverse these laws. For example, the human race in all his wisdom have been able to extend the live of people through breakthrough medical technologies and sort of reverse the effects of the Law of Decay (one of the universal laws). But really, have you actually heard of someone living up to a thousand years old? Even in the old testament days, no one has gone against the Law of Decay. The good thing is that the other beautiful laws such as the Law of Return, the Law of Abundance and the Law of Attraction is also everlasting and exists until today.

Why Is It Important To Know These Characteristics
So now that you know the four (4) characteristics of God's laws, what's in it for us? I think the greatest thing about understanding these characteristics can be explained in one word: DEPENDABILITY (or if you want, RELIABILITY). As mentioned in the beginning of this post, there are two (2) things that we need to do to be successful. (1) Understand God's Laws and (2) Abide by God's Laws. So, if I know that these laws are applicable to all (Universal), accurate (Specific), consistent (Unchanging) and can stand the test of time (Everlasting), then I can "bet" everything that I have to understand these laws and apply it and I know that great things are in store for me. Now, that's powerful! Do you agree? What other advantages can you think of? Please share it here as I am and will continue to be a student of these laws.

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